Frequently Asked Questions

how much do the textures cost?

all of our textures are offered in two versions: medium resolution pictures are free (but include a watermark); our high resolution versions are $9.99 each and do not have a watermark.

what is the format of the textures?

all textures on our site are offered in .jpg format. the high-res versions are usually around 3MB each.

how can i use your site?

if you know what you are looking for you can start with the surprisingly powerful search tool - the search box is located at the top and bottom of every page on our site. alternatively, you can head over to our browse page, where all our textures are categorized in all sorts of ways. the most relavent textures appear at the top of your searches/browses, but keep scrolling through the results to make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for. if you are not exactly sure what you are looking for, there is a section on the browse page that links to some unique sets of textures, including: our editor's picks, most viewed textures and most purchased textures.

what is the quality of the pictures?

our textures are the highest quality; we offer medium-res (600 x 400 px) and high-resolution (3008 x 2000 pixels) versions of each of our textures. check out some of these high-res samples: sample texture 1 (2.76MB) - sample texture 2 (3.27MB) - sample texture 3 (3.04MB)

what is the licensing agreement?

we have made our licensing agreement very straightforward so our users can focus on their design work and not legalese! you can do anything you want with our textures other than resell or redistribute them as textures. our high-resolution images are royalty-free, so after you pay our flat rate for the download, it is your's to use as you wish. feel free to use them as a part of a webpage, in a magazine, in a video game, or print some textures and frame them to use them as room decor! you can use the textures as often as you like and however you like, except you cannot resell/redistribute our textures themselves. if you use one of our textures as a component of some product (a magazine, a game, a website), of course you can sell or give away that product, but not the texture alone. although we appreciate when we are given credit (linking to our homepage will help us continue to offer you our service), giving credit to UniqueTextures is not required.

how can i contact you with comments/suggestions/questions?

just use this form . . .


are the textures seamless?

no. these are high resolution background textures taken with high quality photographic equipment. they are not altered in any way. if you need a seamless texture, you can make your own with our textures and tools such as photoseam.

are the textures altered in any way?

except in a few instances, no. although we could edit our textures to have more vivid colors or increased sharpness, we have endeavored to capture the real world as it is. we want to give our user's the power to customize our textures for your requirements. if you need to alter a texture, tools such as adobe photoshop, corel photo-paint and the gimp are more than capable.